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  1. I'm not getting kicked for a Global Ban though, it says enforcing a PBHub Ban. Are they the same thing?
  2. So I decided to reinstall BF2142 after a year or so of inactivity and when I did, I could not join any servers at all. Went to http://www.punksbusted.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=60844 and that fixed the problem with not being able to join SOME servers. Now when I try to join other servers it keeps showing this I went to the Master Player Index and searched my GUID 206e3ab09c9b0776230be5a78a02f1f0 and it says it is due to a false CD-Key, so I reinstall BF2142, update the game, then update Punkbuster. Even after all this it still says I am banned. What do I have to do t
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