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  1. i dont cry about a keylogger or about some viruses on my pc, i know how to check my pc for viruses etc... i play online games since 2000 (for about 9 years), and this is the first time and i hope the last time. the point that makes me mad is: to buy a new game. the cheater who played with my key can also use your key too, pb tracks everything: the time, the ip adress, the game, the server... but still doesnt work fine. anyway the game producers make their profit.
  2. hi, do i have a chance that they unban my pb-guid (not global ban) if my cd-key was stolen by a person who cheated with it? i am from germany and someone from great britain played and cheated last year (Oct 2008) with my cd-key. i have no idea how he get my cd-key, i think with a keygen or something like that. and now my guid is in the MBI with a multihack violation, they closed my appeal without reading the content of it. they didnt check the ip-adresses. nothing. i dont really want to buy a game, because of an anticheat tool, because #2 that is not fair. and to the people
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