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  1. G.GRIM

    Getting past a PPBan server?

    funny that cause it was me that had the coverstion with him (he would never had told me the info there cause i banned him). Also the gut who did get it (my co leader in the clan) dosent play 2142 he play CSS....he did at one point post a video on you tub showing how to to the above but hes mad the link hidden now.
  2. We at -2DEATH- kicked a member of our clan (was only a probation memeber) for being caught useing a Mulithack just recently.... He then sent me a MSN message saying hes got around the PPBan he has on his name ect we managed to get this out of him ? (14:40) MaxHelsinki: hi, who are you? (14:41) MaxHelsinki just sent you a nudge. (14:41) - ★

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