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  1. Redknife2142


    That is what i thought, so i kept trying to upload it. I got it from the EA franchise site. And i have tired other sites as well.
  2. Redknife2142


    Fozzer i tried the solutions google gave me. This is an email that i sent to a friend to see if he could help and this should give you all the details to try and help me. I would like to say thanks to all of your help so far though. Here is the sequence of how my game got clusterf***ed. 1.) after taking a break from BF2142 for a week or so i came back to play 2.)after one night of play, every server i joined kicked me for some kind of PB communcation failure3.) i gave the game a day of rest and when i came back the next day i had the same problem4.) i decided to unistall everything and then reinstall it5.) installing the actual game went fine but the 1.5 patch kept on failing6.) finally after muiltiple trys i was able to complete the patch update7.) went in game to play online and after a server loaded and i pressed join i would get the following message "This server only allows players with unmodified content to join. Revert your version of Battlefield 2142 to the current official version to join."8.) now i figured i had a new problem, the patch wouldn't load. so i started to talk with the PB crew http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=957229.) looked on the internet for solutions and the one i got was to uninstall and then reinstall BF2142, and then to update to patch 1.4 and THEN to update to 1.510.) I followed these instructions but BOTH 1.4 and 1.5 wont update correctly and when i try to play 2142 i get as far as choosing a soldier and then my game shuts down Update:The only thing i can do right now is keep trying to update the patches.
  3. Redknife2142


    Okay so i clicked on the here link and everything worked out fine. Then i went to try to join a server and got the same message- "This server only allows players with unmodified content to join. Revert your version of Battlefield 2142 to the current official version to join." So the next step would be to follow the PBsetup link?
  4. Redknife2142


    I understood that much, but it is like being banned cause the moment i join any server i get kicked everytime.
  5. Redknife2142


    Okay well two things. 1.) The exact message i do not remember and cannot reach because of problem #2, but i do remember the gist of it and that is it was a communication failure and when it brought me back to the main screen it just said Punkbuster. 2.) For some reason the patch is not working for me, i have installed and updated everything neccesary but once the server is done loading and i am about to press join game it disconnects me and takes me back to the main screen and say i am not running the right version and ect. Is 1.5 the last update? I upload the patch from http://battlefield.ea.com/battlefield/bf/ . Do i need to upload that server update as well?
  6. Redknife2142


    I am not the best with computers and understanding in depth gamer stuff, but i am skilled at 2142. I love to play 2142 when i have time but lately right when i join a server (any server) I get kick for some punkbuster reason. So as you can see i cannot play my favorite game which is getting me frustrated. I have uninstalled 2142 and then reinstalled it and as of right now i am redownloading the latest patch.

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