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  1. (FG) mastermc0

    Welcome Back Everyone

    Welcome back all and good job PBBans staff for getting everything back online again so quickly.
  2. (FG) mastermc0

    Enforce Cross Game Bans

    Provided they are using the same EA GUID then yes.
  3. (FG) mastermc0

    Battlefield 3 and PBBans

    I thought DICE/EA said they had a fix for the PBSS issue... Or have they just not implemented it in the beta?
  4. (FG) mastermc0

    Steam Games Calculator

    http://www.steamcalculator.com/id/mastermc0 And I can assure you I never spent that much to buy them...
  5. (FG) mastermc0

    PunkBuster coming to Battlefield 3

    Great news lets hope DICE give the same support as they did with BFBC2 and we should have a solid streaming system at release.
  6. (FG) mastermc0

    Battlefield 3 PB and PBBans streaming?

    I'm sure as PB is confirmed for BF3 provided there are no issues with PB integration it will be supported. I'm sure MaydaX will update everyone once this has all been confirmed.
  7. (FG) mastermc0

    Battlefield Heroes Breached

    Well as all the passwords are linked to the same EA account I'd reccomend that people reset their EA passwords. I did wonder why it was telling me my password wasn't recognised...
  8. Hello. I have tried for the second time this week to get a new account submissions to get my server streaming. Twice the demand was denied for the following reason:"Viewable roster not found.8 pages of registered forum users is not a roster."Could you take a look by clicking at the "EQUIPE SMPX" mention and reconsider our demand. Give me back an answer after.Best reguards

  9. (FG) mastermc0

    Medal of Honor 2 in Development

    The answer to your question is brand name. People bought into the brand, I'd expect most of those sales were made early on before people realised how much of a disappointment the game was.
  10. (FG) mastermc0

    Outage Feb 5, 2011

    It's good to have the forums back. Nice work on getting it all up and running so quickly MaydaX. Three cheers for the PBBans Staff :ok::rockon:
  11. (FG) mastermc0

    Portal 2

    Where's my free PS3 copy for buying it on PC? :P
  12. (FG) mastermc0

    Something wrong with streaming?

    Sure you've got the timezone set correctly?;)
  13. (FG) mastermc0

    Problem trying to Stream a New Public Server

    Possibly ask your GSP to give you a new IP. It basically means that that IP address has been used by a player in the past. Staff should be able to give you more info and help :)
  14. (FG) mastermc0

    automated hub setup work not

    Which browser are you using? I know I have issues under FF 4 Beta on all builds. Try using IE8 with the latest Java updates should work. (Yes I realise IE isn't a great browser before anyone says but it works for things like this :P)
  15. (FG) mastermc0

    Happy Holidays from PBBans 2010

    Joining in the snow picture theme one from my garden not long ago. (Excuse the poor photography) IMG_0088 by grant.mastermc0, on Flickr

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