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  1. Tomcat_AL200

    EBL enforced GGC Ban, but where's GGC?

    Thanks a lot for the help
  2. Tomcat_AL200

    EBL enforced GGC Ban, but where's GGC?

    Ok, thanks for the information, but do I have to buy a whole new game or can I just order a key from EA?
  3. Hello all, I've had the CD verson of BF2 for a year or two but took a 4-5 month sabbatical due to Navy, life, ect, but have never had any problems with it. However during my first night back on BF2 I got kicked due to the old PB version I was running, it didn't update itself so I did as per PB's instructions, then next time I logged on I got this message: "PunkBuster kicked player 'C.Blachford' (for 30 minutes) ... Enforced PBBans EBL. Your GUID was banned by GGC Stream [Admin Decision]" My GUID is: a242b465ac9ca4d7ae23aab20ce0db93 and comes up with no bans on this websites GUID checker. As I'm sure you know, GGC is nowhere to be found, so how can I resolve this so I can play in the virtual mud agian? I would really appreciate the help.

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