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  1. hello RoadWarrior! i have version 6.1.7600 i tried the compatibility modes, but i don't have XP SP1 i only have SP2 or above, and it doesn't work with that. i have made the settings in the pb files and even wolfmp.exe but it wont go with it. i will ban myself from my own servers if i can't fix it. :) i hope someone will find a solution soon, cause i can't rewrite the windows. :) thanks, greets b.ka
  2. Thanks Pisi! I have the end version in hungarian, cause i'm from Hungary i know it will be released on the 22-th but its the same that will come out. It looks like i need to wait a little more, cause i already tried compatibility modes but they didn't work for rtcw. :blink: i like pb servers better, i come along strange things as well but on the servers without it.... thanks, if i will have a solution i will post it here. b.ka
  3. hello everyone! i have installed the Windows 7 64 bit end version on my pc, and i get kicked out every time from my own server /all of the pb servers/ from the punkbuster when i'm playing rtcw. the failure code is: unknown Windows API function 131124 code if someone has any clue how to fix this problem please help cause i can't play now ps.: i have no problem with Cod4 it runs ok with pb it looks like windows7 is not perfect for gamers :angry: thanks b.ka
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