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  1. Yes, I just tried right now and returns the same result. Thanks for suggestion though
  2. Yes, I just got an email back from Even Balance. Too bad Windows 7 has been out for testing this long and Even Balance won't bother trying. This is a final OS; but, I guess we must wait till October 22nd or later to see support. Lesson learned: Don't install Windows 7 and play with PunkBuster yet Thank you all
  3. Just installed Windows 7 RTM (Build 7600) a couple of days ago. I keep getting kicked after about 10 minutes with the reason "Disallowed Program/Driver [120135]". By the way, the first thing I tried after installing Windows 7 was installing/patching ET and updating PB with pbsetup. I tried on two different servers and still have the same result. Don't think PB is ready for Windows7 yet.. Anyone else have this problem with ET or have any advice? Thank you

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