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  1. ISF Subzero

    Punkbuster cache bug error in Crysis Wars

    Thanks for your reply and help learjet45dream, I already saw that print-screen you attached above today while I was looking for information about this issue on the forum. In that case they mentioned having the same screen twice, but the problem here is exactly as you said: ''...receiving a screenshot from a player from one map when the server is on a different one, like a screenshot from a player on the Mesa map while the server had moved on to the Tarmac map''. We have a player suspected of hacking--that we also banned from clan, forum and server--who got a pb ban (screens sent manually by someone and not arrived in streaming) whose screenshots show a player hacking in a map while the log below says otherwise--different map. We just want to make sure if this is a case of pb cache glitch but he's still hacking good time, or a screen manipulated by someone who's trying to screw him up, or just a pb error and it wasn't him the player on the screen caught cheating. Unfortunately the SGA section is still restricted area for me--we're currently applying to put our server in streaming--that's why I posted this here. Is there any chance you could kindly link here some or one of those topics in the SGA related to this problem? It would be of great help and would to throw some light on it. As far as I know there's many people who's also facing this problem and have serious doubts if a player should be banned or not. Thank you very much.
  2. Hi, I hope I'm not posting this in the wrong section, since it's a topic about Crysis Wars but related to a punkbuster error. In the case I made a mistake I already apologize. I have a question about the so called ''punk buster cache bug'' error. I was told that when a pb screen shows a player engaged in a map but the log below signals a different one it can be attributed to this particular pb error--e.g. screen showing the player in Mesa and log saying map/Tarmac. I Google it and looked around the net but haven't found anything useful. Could someone please throw some light on this matter? Thank you!

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