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  1. Thanks for your reply and help learjet45dream, I already saw that print-screen you attached above today while I was looking for information about this issue on the forum. In that case they mentioned having the same screen twice, but the problem here is exactly as you said: ''...receiving a screenshot from a player from one map when the server is on a different one, like a screenshot from a player on the Mesa map while the server had moved on to the Tarmac map''. We have a player suspected of hacking--that we also banned from clan, forum and server--who got a pb ban (screens sent manually b
  2. Hi, I hope I'm not posting this in the wrong section, since it's a topic about Crysis Wars but related to a punkbuster error. In the case I made a mistake I already apologize. I have a question about the so called ''punk buster cache bug'' error. I was told that when a pb screen shows a player engaged in a map but the log below signals a different one it can be attributed to this particular pb error--e.g. screen showing the player in Mesa and log saying map/Tarmac. I Google it and looked around the net but haven't found anything useful. Could someone please throw some light on this matter?
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