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  1. Chesty

    PunkBuster Screenshots.

    Hello, I'm an ET player and one of my friends had a punkbuster screenshot taken of him which didn't come through as 'clean', So the admins instantly figured that he was using a hack or a PBSS blocker and Perm banned him, I have faith that he in fact wasn't using such an illicit program and would like your opinion on whether or not PB screenie's can be falsified by certain bugs. (From personal experience i know this to be true, But i lack the proof) So yeah if anyone has any documented evidence of ways PB screenshots can come across faulty besides the obvious reason of the person was hacking then it would be appreciated (In my experience my Video Card Drivers were out of date and when an admin PBSS'd me it was merely a blue screen, Promptly after updating my drivers and having another screenshot taken it was revealed that there was a misunderstanding/bug). Thanks.

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