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  1. SightUp

    Cheater Status Check

    Admins, can you please check on this person's history? Name: Proxy IP: Account: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/ph453/ http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/Pr0xy_vV/
  2. SightUp

    Is PBBans Dead?

    Thank you for your response! It was responded to with the impression that a follow up post was going to be made and I really need that follow up along with the other ticket answered ASAP! Thanks!
  3. SightUp

    Is PBBans Dead?

    Or dying? I have two tickets open and they haven't been looked at in over 24 hours. In addition, I jump in the IRC and I cannot even type so I am forced to PM the admins and no response. What is going on here?
  4. SightUp

    IRC On PBBans

    I literally use Java for nothing anymore and I haven't had it installed on any of my rigs in years. I don't wish to install it just for this site either to speak to the admins on IRC. Surely it would benefit those of us who do not want to use Java if you switched to a IRC chat plugin like Mibbit or something else. There are several in-browser options available. Just a suggestion...
  5. SightUp

    Port for Streaming

    I remember doing this a month ago, as I just got a new server this month and the port was 100 less. is our current IP and port and it looks like its working as far as streaming goes. Is that OK? Or did the port need to be 100 less so
  6. I don't have access to the GS area so I hope this would be alright to post here. I attempted to contact the BBB but they would not accept my claim unfortunately. Spamming the 50 forums that I regularly visit will have to do instead. Wolfservers is a complete scam. To put it simple, they took our money and will not give it back. Our team, tG2, had over $100 in donations that were given by clan members put into a ''Teampay'' system they have. No where on their website does it say that this money is not refundable as it has not actually been put towards a server of any type. We have no reason what so ever to stay with WolfServers as our main game is Call of Duty Black Ops. After the way they treated us, I will not be returning to them in the future. I personally has to virtually beg them to update our TeamSpeak 3 server. This act alone was like pulling teeth. However, when done, they were able to lock down many features that many clients of theirs undoubtedly took advantage of such as the Maximum Client feature, which at anytime a client could have changed it from a 10 slot TeamSpeak 3 server to a 512 server without Wolfservers knowledge, and the Transfers, where a person could host full movies if he so choose for everyone in the world to download. What is worse, I was the one who had to gather all of the information for them to update it. They made me be their lackey without any compensation what so ever. GameServers is one of the few other companies that does offer ''TeamPay'' as well and they DO issue refunds. I would highly recommend them over WolfServers or any other company for that matter. Here is the second ticket that I submitted on the subject and some of the crap that they made me go through.

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