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  1. 1Flash

    Continuous Lagg While playing ET

    Can you recommend a new ISP, with the same or lower budget of $35 :P
  2. I am getting continuous lag while playing ET every time I visit any server not just one in particular. As soon as I join any server I get about a half second lag every 2 seconds. I have Seen that it takes anywhere from 2-3 minutes for it to stop but in about 15 mins it comes back again. In my lag-o-meter you can see blank spots where it shows the lag. This is quite annoying as it makes it impossible to play the game while in combat. Here is a screenshot for your convenience: Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. 1Flash

    Could not open GL

    I was afraid of this, well I guess im going to have to wait until they do to play et or dual boot xp. Thank you for your help it was greatly appreciated :)
  4. 1Flash

    Could not open GL

    I'm the one who needs help. I have already updated my drivers but it still does not help. Its common sense to google something before posting and I did but could not find an answer. My graphics card is the following: Intel

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