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  1. *TRB* Wolfhowler

    TeamSpeak 3 - Final Released

    Do you think server companies will be charging extra to upgrade from ts2 to ts3, I am paying quarterly and don't want to pay for another 3 months just to get ts3.
  2. *TRB* Wolfhowler

    Happy Holidays 2009

    Merry xmas, hope everyones been nice or no presents for you! Hey we should give santa our MBi no need for his list.
  3. *TRB* Wolfhowler

    Any know leagues

    Does anyone know of any leagues/ladders for BF2142 like edom?
  4. *TRB* Wolfhowler

    VGA 2009 Winners

    You think infinity ward will bring out Dedicated servers after this? I think they were expecting to get Studio of the Year or Game of the year.
  5. *TRB* Wolfhowler

    IE "Search Provider"

    I will second that, I have firefox and have the exact same bar on the top right, that would be very useful.

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