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  1. pmakrevah

    being kick

    got it.alienware didn`t finish the set-up on the xeno card.i finished it.set pb to be allowed on it`s firewall.turned on the windows firewall and the anti-virus.everything good.till next time(hope not)
  2. pmakrevah

    being kick

    will post results so if anybody else has same problem they won`t have to wait forever on eb.lol.thanks for your time and help guys
  3. pmakrevah

    being kick

    firewall turned off as well as the anti-virus.xeno card has a firewall as well that was set to allow pb.took router out nothing in between modem and pc.have uninstalled reinstall game and pb.checked ea forums and checked other forums.nothing works.having withdrawels
  4. pmakrevah

    being kick

    test completed without error
  5. pmakrevah

    being kick

    turned the routers firewall off.that worked on one server.then went to another server and got kicked for pnkbstrb.exe.communication failure handshaking failed.don`t now why i played on a server and not the other.both were pb streaming servers.could it be the killer xeno card
  6. pmakrevah

    being kick

    didn`t work.not having compatibility issues.having communication issues.theres probably a trial and error list to go through.i have latest pb update.pc is a alienware aurora.with the killer xeno card
  7. pmakrevah

    being kick

    windows7 wired router
  8. pmakrevah

    being kick

    pnkbstrb.exe.handshaking failed. what is this and how to fix it.punkbuster is up to date as of 2/11/10

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