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  1. forsty

    punkbuster box

    I cant find a contact e-mail address for tbgclan do you have one? My player name is frostysnowman2 dont you have a list of banned players for the tbgclan servers i dont want to push this if they dont want me on their servers there are plenty others to play the game on
  2. forsty

    punkbuster box

    PB is updated did tbgclan ban me from their servers?
  3. forsty

    punkbuster box

    Thats all it says in a box " punkbuster" no description all their us servers give me the same message
  4. forsty

    punkbuster box

    punkbuster message box when trying to play on tdgclan us bf 2142 servers all other bf2142 servers i can play any suggestions?

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