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  1. I use...but new virus no get detected...nothing protect to 100%...
  2. i know... but if someone use another time "my key" to cheat just will be banned again...COD4 write cleary the key in registry...all can take easy...
  3. really was not me ... and I also gave evidence of my innocence ...
  4. Yes appeal button work. The problem is who read this appeal ^^. Fake to Read=>Reject=>BLOCK APPEAL FOREVER. I gived a link. My case is more hard because motivation is : "MD5Tool Mismatch: PowerBot.exe (len=32) " but i showed you the player not was me...then 40€ lose. And a lot of players are banned for a ".ini file" and when come i'll show you link. Boys who are pressing reputation -: Are you tring a buffer underflow with reputation <−32.768 ?
  5. Ban without motive or be unable to Appeal a BAN is dictatorship! I'm sure that at least someone once staff has found himself banned from his own system. Nothing is perfect ^^. I am sure when i was banned someone sended my GUID with a spoofer. I am 100% sure that I was not using hacks on my ban.We manage to sneak IWNET and Steam to play cod6 cracked, imagine how easy scrubbing services like yours. Without evidence you do right. But when you look for as evidence of innocence to take to heart the thing.
  6. Not me, but my companion. I'll get the link when it's online ^ ^ is written explicitly. You'll have so many if I can find all those I met.
  7. I've played there. Is true, very often there are some cheater.But when there is PBBANS Streaming cheater are banned instantly? Better a cheater in the game throwing 60 €. Several times I and others have claimed, by evidence of our innocence, but you just matter.why you should care?
  8. Why do you think I would use hack ... He'll be your turn do not worry ... When you will be banned for one ".ini file" you'll understan. Your system is not perfect. The problem is that you do not want to recognize
  9. I am happy since the infinity wars removed PB and dedicated servers. Eventually there will be no services dictatorial as yours. There is already a PunkBuster in COD4, you're just useless. Finally COD6 not hear talk of BAN imposed by a dictatorship. I hope in future there will give way to carry your work on COD6. You should learn to be slightly more reasonable to carry out this type of work that often ruin the game for players clean.
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