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  1. SkilleT

    PB issue haunting me down

    My Firewall has given full rights to go through so it ain't blocking any programs related to ET. Any other answers?
  2. SkilleT

    PB issue haunting me down

    1) This happens only on few servers but I wish to get rid of this issue as soon as possible. 2) How do I run it as an administrator or in compatibility mode? Either one of these could help me out.
  3. SkilleT

    PB issue haunting me down

    Hi, I have a common issue which is disconnecting from a game server due to PB service communication failure; initialization failed. I have updated my PB manually (PBSVC.exe and PBSetup) successfully. I also took Windows Firewall off which was a risky move that I won't perform again for good. Last but not least, I have downloaded a few files (.htm and .dll) from Even Balance Inc. The issue occurred unfortunately. I'm using Windows Vista, maybe this is the main issue. Anyhow, this issue can be fixed some way or another. Waiting for help and responses. - SkilleT

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