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  1. jossmeruk

    Players That Base Rape On BF Games..19/Sep/2013

    Moring guys, This old chesnut again lol. I always find it amusing that those players who want to break every rule you have on your server. Never play on no rules server. Why is that ?
  2. jossmeruk

    Battlefield 4 Game Server Provider List

    Yes that is correct re GameHosting .co.uk. We had an email from them confirming they will not be allowed to host BF4. Sorry about that. Should have included that in my OP.
  3. jossmeruk

    Battlefield 4 Game Server Provider List

    Could you please add GameHosting.co.uk to the list of set aside Please. Thanks
  4. jossmeruk

    Welcome Back Everyone

    Awesome to have you guys back up and running. All your work is very much appricated. Thanks again guys
  5. jossmeruk

    What is Corrupt Module List?

  6. jossmeruk

    Keep getting kicked

    Up date PB in your game panel and also update your client while your at it.
  7. jossmeruk

    What is Corrupt Module List?

    Had to apply PB update to all our 7 BF3 server as everyone started to get PB kick which emptied all our servers. Thanks for that. Please also update your client
  8. jossmeruk

    PBBans Wallpapers

    Cool, grab a few of these for future use. Thanks again
  9. jossmeruk

    Enforce Cross Game Bans

    Simply, Thank you ;)

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