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  1. GoGoBrownRanger

    Help with 40maps in one Rotations?

    I want too, if you got problem it tell me.
  2. GoGoBrownRanger

    Help with 40maps in one Rotations?

    How you create 40maps in one Rotations? Can you show me how to do it. I have very problem with map rotations.
  3. GoGoBrownRanger

    Violation Qignoring queries #9006

    sorry spam your forum. I forget everything I post over here
  4. GoGoBrownRanger

    Violation Qignoring queries #9006

    This error start today and I want know if something help me with violation qigoring queries #9006
  5. GoGoBrownRanger

    WARNING: Watchdog will trigger in 4 seconds

    ok, thank you for the info what is watchdog. :D
  6. Hi! I was trying to help Grape with a problem. He connected to another server, he downloaded the .pk3 files from that server as usual... after that he couldn't connect to NoobsForever. Later he relaunched the game and the initialization console showed the following message: " --- Common Initialization Complete --- Working directory: /Applications/Wolfenstein ET WARNING: watchdog will trigger in 4 seconds Idle Server with no map - triggering watchdog Sys_ShutdownNetworking(); logout [Process completed] " Then the application quitted unexpectedly! Help! the only thing that comes to my mind is to reinstall ET on his computer!<BR clear="all">
  7. GoGoBrownRanger

    NET_SendPacket: WSAEINTR

    i would like to know how to fix this problem when i lag out for about 1-3 seconds in my console it shows this NET_SendPacket: WSAEINTR it will show this plenty of times until the connection timeout is gone. I hope this right forum.
  8. GoGoBrownRanger

    Losing Key Packets 9014 & violation ( ignoring Queries #9006

    Thank you support Fozzer
  9. this my first time I got error for Losing Key Packets 9014 and other error is violation ( ignoring Queries #9006 )

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