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  1. EBassie

    I need to explain something

    Nope... not any sites that work as good as PBScreens.com (for Battlefield games at least).
  2. EBassie

    I need to explain something

    According to a post on the G-Portal forums they do support PBscreens.com via FTP: Souce: https://www.g-portal.com/forum/thread/46-howto-rent-and-config-an-battlefield-3-4-hardline-server/?postID=118#post118
  3. EBassie

    I need to explain something

    The PBBans Master Player Index is similar to the ACI History Tool; it just shows the same info differently. Ofcource you can submit PBSS to PBBans as long as the screenshots are streamed by gameservers that stream to PBBans. See: https://account.pbbans.com/pbss.php
  4. EBassie

    I need to explain something

    I see... it's in the "Steaming Admin" section of the forums. Seems "Streaming Lite" has no access to that. It's worth the read if you ever become a "Full Streaming" member. ;)
  5. EBassie

    I need to explain something

    @Hodor I suggest you read these topics about ACI: https://www.pbbans.com/forums/fyi-on-aci-t185742.html http://metabans.net/showthread.php?3263-ACI-Staff-threatens-streaming-admins-who-both-stream-to-ACI-amp-Metabans It's a fun read... :)
  6. Don't play on 'official' BF4 servers. These type of servers are full of cheaters. These servers cannot enforce bans from PBBans / GGC / ACI / Metabans. Play on RANKED servers.
  7. EBassie

    Spybot Anti-Beacon Windows 10

    I've been using this program since it was released, so no... it will not 'trigger anything' Punkbuster related.
  8. There is already such a list, but it's only accessible for streaming admins. EDIT: PS: I think you overestimate the amount of cheaters in BF4 You have no idea how many players I get on my servers who call-out cheaters / hackusate players who are just better. There are more "hackusators" than actual hackers / cheaters.
  9. EBassie

    Expired SSL Certificate?

    Nice fail from Cloudflare! It's good to see you guys use Let's Encrypt now :)
  10. EBassie

    Battlefield 1

    I really liked this trailer and I'm looking forward to this WW1 setting. About server rentals: It wouldn't make sense if they don't offer server rentals. I have it on good authority the PC server rental program has made MILLIONS for EA/DICE with BF3 & BF4. In fact, the PC community is paying the console server bills and they still make a huge profit. Ditching that strategy would be plain stupid and would be really costly. It will also make the game less successful on PC when clans / groups cannot run their own server. You should not compare Battlefront with Battlefield either. DICE always stated it was not their intention to make a Star Wars themed Battlefield. The target audience of Battlefront is completely different. About Punkbuster support: I would indeed not be surprised if they only go with FairFight and their report system. That would be a shame though.
  11. EBassie

    Outage Dec 14, 2015

    Thanks for the explanation MaydaX! I was already afraid some certain season had started again... ;)
  12. EBassie

    Best pb settings for bf4

    If I'm correct this doesn't work with BF4 (or BF3). All PBSS are dead center. The best settings you find here: http://www.pbbans.com/mci-view-bf4-pbsv-44.html
  13. EBassie

    Can someone explain please

    Well, he is banned by GGC with their MD5 checks. So you can safely say this player has been cheating. Nothing more to add really...
  14. EBassie

    PBSS Scanner

    Great! Seems to work fine for i3D & PBscreens. Had to search this topic for the correct PBScreens link though (for all BF3 & BF4 servers) and had to guess which PBscreens cookie (PHPSESSID) I had to use. You might want to add info this to the original post.
  15. EBassie

    PBSS Scanner

    No, it seems to be broken (changed by i3D again?). Both these links do not work: https://customer.i3d.net/gameservers/gameserver-punkbuster.php?gsid=268456&file=/pbsvss.htm This one does download files, named as png's but they are in fact the HTML page over and over again ;) https://customer.i3d.net/gameservers/pb-screenshot.php?server=268456&file=/pbsvss.htm Only does 0 byte png's

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