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  1. Ok the caps are maybe a bit much ?? But that is sidestepping the issue here Stat padding is an illegal form of gaining points and ranking up EA have already stated that they are actively looking at such servers and will ban player accounts if known to use this method of gaming Getting kills using aimbots or chams is obviously on another level as it makes the game unfair on other players (and there is nothing better than owning a hacker then watching him call u a cheat lol ) but leveling up without actually doing anything brings benefits that take some players months to get and they can a
  2. Constructive message there !!!!!!!!!!
  3. U are correct this was meant for the BF2 forum sorry bout that :-(
  4. Here are a list of know clans that use there servers to pad stats (gain points very fast and rank up) there are more than i am going to list here so feel free to add to this , EA have already stated that this is a violation of there user terms and wil ban accounts that are caught doing this now its time for PB to do the same, u can gain thousands of rank points in some servers just by repairing a vehicle but most limit it too 300 points so it does not look suspicious..........
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