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  1. Sorryboutthat

    PBSS Scanner

    Does your scanner scan in a loop?
  2. Sorryboutthat

    PBSS Scanner

  3. Sorryboutthat

    PBSS Scanner

    I think it would be useful after retrieving PBSS paths for BF3 or BF4 that you can have a option to check the servers to see if they are streaming in the main PBSS scanner window also. It would be nice to be able to make a custom list of streaming servers from those determined to be streaming to pbbans or ggc to scan those only.
  4. Sorryboutthat

    PBSS Scanner

    I like the 2 windows imo.
  5. Sorryboutthat

    PBSS Scanner

    That did the trick thanks! EDIT I just scanned 1000 pictures in 6 secs! Awesome. I have a I7 920 with hyperthreading turned on.
  6. Sorryboutthat

    PBSS Scanner

    I downloaded the latest version of pbss scanner v5, and Java 8 for win 64. I am running win 8.1. A command box quickly opens and closes. The error in the command box when I try to start the program says "Error: Could not find or load main class C:\Users\xxxxxxxxxxx\Downloads\pbss_scanner_v0.5\pbss_scanner.jar I have used the pbsscollector for quite awhile and was eager to compare the two. I tried deleting Java 8 and pbss scanner V5 and redownloading but that did not work. I'm sure its some minor detail on my part that I have overlooked. :)
  7. Sorryboutthat

    Ask what is the problem

    That is a fairfight ban. It has nothing to do with pbbans or punkbuster. https://help.ea.com/article/battlefield-4-ban-codes-issued-by-fairfight https://help.ea.com/article/information-about-banned-or-suspended-accounts
  8. Sorryboutthat

    Battlefield 3

    They never say why not....It didn't seem hard to implement with the previous BF titles. I want to beat the dead horse a little more :fryingpan: ..I'm pretty sure they promised this when Bf3 came out. Lets see what they promise for Bf4 lol. Other than the gameserver monopoly on the codbo servers, codbo wasn't that bad of a game. :brownbag:
  9. Sorryboutthat

    Welcome Back Everyone

  10. Sorryboutthat

    MBi passes quarter of a million bans

    Woot! The tools, information, and services available to streaming admins, have been greatly appreciated. Been streaming since Bc2 and now Bf3. Keep up the good work! Who was 250k? :)
  11. Sorryboutthat

    Battlefield 3

    Pay for unlocks? Forget that nonsense lol. They even "nerfed" the battle reports. They don't show the scores of all the players anymore. 'sigh'
  12. Sorryboutthat

    Battlefield 3

    Hi Mr Kalms, I agree with the points the other streaming admins and pbbans staff have said. One thing Dice cant control is a lot of people bought servers and there are only enough people to populate 10-20% of them. 1. The worst thing for us has been the server crashing/battlelog disconnects. That will be the main reason we pull the plug. 2. A personal reason for me is the last patch wrecked my game. It is taking up to whole clips to take someone down, I am getting killed seconds after I duck or go around a corner. This happens to me on server after server. I knifed a clanmate last night and he said I was 10 feet away. I like the game but when I am handicapped with this this lag, it makes it hard to want to keep playing.
  13. Sorryboutthat

    Battlefield 3

    Guess since they met their preorder quota, the community lost their voice. There was 1000's of posts and some decent polls that showed that the majority want commorose, ingame voip etc. They never respond to any of the threads and it feels like even posting a suggestion in that battlelog was a waste of time because possibly it wasn't looked at. I released it was a f'n joke when I asked if sniper glare was going to be a var option in hardcore mode and the next post was 20 digital penises pointing at my post. LOL My post got locked. Was there any changes from the alpha to the beta other than the vehicle removed in metro? Metro and the gameplay will be the same on release? It looks that way.
  14. Sorryboutthat

    Enforce Cross Game Bans

    Thank you. B) Will be nice for BF3.
  15. Sorryboutthat

    Battlefield 3

    The alpha didn't run smooth for me either. The fps was fine capped at 60. I have a I7 and a 570gtx. I didn't play the alpha that much because of micro-stutter. I tried different drivers no luck. At least different providers will be running the beta so I can check them out. Metro again? Sigh.

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