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  1. Sm1th

    Lifting a ban

    Thanks, you are all 100% right. I just got a notice that IFOR lifted the ban because they found some error attached to my player. Everything is okay. Two thumbs up!
  2. Sm1th

    Lifting a ban

    Thank you. That makes total sense, because once I opened a support ticket from Even Balance and they helped me with the manual "x9392" registry fix. So, what do I need to do to get the ban cleared from my record so that I may play on servers that use player information from PBBans?
  3. Sm1th

    Lifting a ban

    After playing a certain server (IFOR) for about a month or so, I was somehow banned. I went through IFOR's unban process and they found that the ban was coming from PBBans. IFOR informed me that they could do nothing with my ban until PBBans lifted its ban. IFOR showed me the screenshot below. What do I need to do to get this ban lifted? Thank you in advance. Here is some of my information: Clan tag: =AGENT= Player name: Sm1th Player ID: 103157869

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