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  1. Pbawareness

    PB support discontinued for Enemy Territory

    Yes correct but, for new commers to the game that freshly install it they will get the problem of no etkey because pb will not generate one. you have copied over your files of your punkbuster client, some servers you still neeed pb enabled but pb will not be able to ban you for any type of Multi hack errors or anything ive tested with it today. im just wanting to maybe make a installer that generates the etkey during the install so, anyone who installs it etkey will auto be there ive currently tested my installer that works, i just gotta get pba and pbb.exe to install during the process to keep it going. technically you do not need these, i have them uninstalled on my pc and ive had no problems at all. so i mean yeah people can dl it but i mean more time more problems to people who dont understand the way the game works.
  2. Pbawareness

    PB support discontinued for Enemy Territory

    Well there is ET ultimate installer that is auto updated to the latest version of pb, now i do have the basics and stuff, thanks to you guys :)))) i will talk it over with my team and see what we can do about a installer for enemy territory that will auto generate them a etkey during the install, shouldn't be to complicated. i could do it all cmd prompt to make it simple, if pedro would like to help me out in this me and him can also use his code for his cmd prompt etkey gen, and put it all into one file. and upload it to the resource sites as TB SL SD WF so on.. but if not thats fine, give me a few days ill see what i can come up with :) * cause we do get new players to the game everyday surprising or not* if you would like to participate add me on xfire: kyle26189
  3. Pbawareness

    PB support discontinued for Enemy Territory

    My main question is when i was going over my team of helpers is how the etkey works, like is it just a bunch of random numbers ( 32 numbers) or is it a specific set up numbers.
  4. Pbawareness

    PB support discontinued for Enemy Territory

    shnoog would you be willing to release your i guess "code and stuff to your pb gen so i can put it on a few sites to get it know will make sure that all credit goes to you even show you the sites :)
  5. Pbawareness

    PB support discontinued for Enemy Territory

    Well for some reason its saying im banned on SD, anyways I do know possiblities, and i am working on them now, just like in etgold it creates your own etkey called goldkey im gonna try to make something like gold key etc, ill update you with more info
  6. Pbawareness

    PB support discontinued for Enemy Territory

    This is pretty sad, PB auth server is need for many things to generate Guids: guids: save our XP our admin levels without this we miswell sit here and go on to a new game ET is still very active game there are tons of players yes it has died alot over the years, but for the time being what are we supposed to do people are gonna all quit because they cant save XP servers are gonna be down, is there a way we can make a server side or something to make " our own guid " for our servers is there a source code or specific data base you can give out for us to use maybe someone else can continue it on. just for the purpose of GUID, is the contract dead? if so who can i contact over this activision? i mean i play this game everyday since i first had it i havnt played any other game since i first played et losing the guid system is just rediculus. please inform me on some update with pm or reply... Thanks.

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