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  1. awyeah

    2142 pb - auto kicking from servers

    in case you ask, yes i have a ticket with even balance for the past 12 hours to look into what the hell is going on - i hope to hell this is not the same software in bf3
  2. awyeah

    2142 pb - auto kicking from servers

    so I reinstalled again, updated - I have tried your work around for the cd key saving in regedit. to no avail it keeps kicking me saying pbhub enforcing ban.. so i guess i can never play this game? the key looks fine when i type it into the registry however once i close and go into the game get kicked, when i return to the registry its a massive code of numbers no longer just my cd key, it would appear pb is changing the data once it kicks me.
  3. hello looking for help - I just installed my bf2142 after 2 years away and i cannot join any servers without an auto kick from Punkbuster. not sure what is going on can someone look into my account plz. I have done all the updates, uninstalls, reinstalls you name it. user name is Awyeah let me know what else you need

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