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  1. el_touristo_duo

    PB support discontinued for Quake Wars

    thanks...games runs before I do anyting... it just kiks from the auto update issue. I get the same message everyone else does. but if I try the fix, I can get it to where it seems to be trying to work PB. I get a couple of on screen PB messages the last one is usually " PBclient:PBA successfully loaded PBB" (abbreviated) --then game hard crashes. thats why I asked where to put things, because I put cfg in both pb folders...I was hoping maybe that caused crashes...just grasping...the really weird thing is that I seem to still get kiked after I run pbsetup, but when I put in the cfg's I get the pb messages and the crashes. So that's why I also asked if pbsetup is to be run in the main et folder ... C:\Program Files (x86)\id Software\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars, and maybe I should delete the PB folder in there before I run pbsetup? many thanks
  2. el_touristo_duo

    PB support discontinued for Quake Wars

    one more little thing: when I run the pbsetup.exe in the pbsetup+legacy package, it only works in legacy the first time I run it. The next time it shows only the current supported games list. so I delete the files and re-extract them to run it again. Windows also gives me something I never saw in xp: a message about the program not installing correctly, and the option to tell it that it did! lol
  3. el_touristo_duo

    PB support discontinued for Quake Wars

    Benway: Well I just installed windows7 (64bit) so I could have DirectX 10. But I have this same problem in ETQW with auto update or whatever.I tried to do what you said but I'm confused about locations. I could get PB to work, but then game would just freeze after showing: PBclient:PBA successfully loaded PBB. But that's beside the point. To give this a chance, I need to know: 1) is the cfg file required or just do logging... I guess it's required but it seemed to make PB work and then game crashed... 2) if so, do I put the cfg in the appdata PB folder or in the program files PB folder? 3) is this the way the cfg is supposed to look?: pb_MsgPrefix "^5PunkBuster Client" pb_Sleep 500 pb_LogToFile 1 pb_SsLog 1 pb_SsSave 1 PB_LogMD5Tool 1 pb_Security 0 4) when I run the legacy PBsetup, do I point it to here: C:\Program Files (x86)\id Software\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars, or the appdata folder?(as in C:\Users\el_touristo_duo\AppData\Local\PunkBuster\ETQW ). Does PBsetup create a new PB folder? I didnt think it was supposed to but obviously Im confused easily. I applaud your help and knowledge, could you please be VERY specific for those of us that are not too good at such things? I dont want to have to crank up an xp drive just to play QW! Many thanks in advance! also, what does inaminit refer to " Plus the download...etqw_win32.zip" ? is there a 64 vers and is it helpful?

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