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  1. camz98

    How do I report a player?

    Thanks man will take your advice! I do like their server so I will get in touch. Grateful for your quick response! These guys hare just so frustrating. Cheers, Cam
  2. Hi guys! Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I have been playing on the server - BhR 24/7 METRO NO RPG-SMAW-USAS-M320-[sTATS] Which has a SERVER ADDRESS There is a regular message saying it streams to PBBANS but there is a player called http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/Heelfy/ from Russia who is VERY obviously using an aimbot, spinning around with a machine gun and killing 5 players in half a second. He killed my whole squad and he wasn't even looking at us! I have reported this to Battlefield3 itself but I was wondering if it is possible on PBBANS to flag players as cheaters so you can investigate? Just look at his stats it is SO obvious! BOTH teams wanted him gone but the Admin either wasn't there or wasn't listening to us asking for help. He ruined the game for the whole server. Anything you could do would be VERY appreciated, if you need any more information from me just ask :D Thanks heaps guys in advance! Cam

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