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  1. Hey there, here's a question a few other people that live in my country were banned with the same #79621 violation. Their statement is that "all they were using" is a macro. I call BS, isn't #79621 a multihack from a well known cheat site? or is it true that it's banning for the use of macros? great job guys, keep it up! ♫ ♫ ♫ another one bites the dust ♫ ♫ ♫
  2. Hello all, my name is tom aka ALDO_RICCO-nM @BF3 (2dc1eadf) I did request streaming access to our team's 2nd server (nM Gaming Central Match Server - but that streaming request got denied under the valid argument that we already had 1 streaming server therefore an account with access to PBBANS admin privileges. Do pls understand that ATM in No Mercy Gaming we need to rely on only 1 member to do all the background checks on potential new members, investigating possible cheaters 2nd accounts and other checks that are only available to those who have rights to it. It would
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