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  1. becamoed

    BF2142 131124 error after update

    Great link, thanx! Done that, so let the waiting continue. Updates....
  2. becamoed

    BF2142 131124 error after update

    Yeah i found that to, from 2008 if i am right, every year, up till- and now- it is my turn!, all with also BF2142 That is what i find weird about it. And single player does work, so why won't windows 8 and evenbalance PB ?
  3. Hi i upgraded from win7 (offical) to win8 (official) last night I can start (admin and/or compatability mode) bf2142 (also removed and fresh install, + last update) , but after some seconds in a game, i get : Unknown Windows API Funktion [131124] So in uninstalled all evenbalance Punkbuster. Reinstalled, updated manually, but same error occurs. PB service check (or something) is all green and happy...

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