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  1. From a post in 2013 i see this , Is this still the case and failed kick/bans will still show on the pbbans list for the server even though they have not been kicked. "Due to DICE / EA disabling PB kick and ban functions in Battlefield 4 for servers running in official mode, PBBans will not support or function. Other modes such as Ranked, Unranked and Private work as they always have in the past and we advise streaming admins to not use official mode if they wish to protect their servers with PBBans. When issuing a kick or ban command the PB logs will show a player is kicked / banned but nothing happens to them on the server. The same goes for players listed on the pbbans.dat banlist when they join. This effectively makes PBBans and other AC communities unable to enforce bans making official servers more cheater friendly. The only thing that streaming official servers will give is banned players data for servers not running in official mode." Just need to know to clear something up Thanks NuTTy
  2. Can i just clarify PBBans does not work on official but will still log the kick/ban attemps

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