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  1. Juni0rM1nt

    Battlefield 3. Single Premium Account Banned

    Hats off to the guys who found out the truth. I was begining to lose faith in the system. Thanks and Happy Holidays!
  2. Juni0rM1nt

    Battlefield 3. Single Premium Account Banned

    They are giving me the run around.. The tkt i have open with even balance is not going anywhere. .I wish i had more knoweldge in how to pursue this. I can't even defend myself. I always played in PBban protected servers. What am I supposed to Do? I really, really appreciated your help with your replies and please shed some light. If i can take them to court I will, but i have NOTHING to prove I'm not cheating other than my word. Its mind blowing how they can ban a legitimate player!
  3. Juni0rM1nt

    Battlefield 3. Single Premium Account Banned

    Sir, Thank you for claryfing the maintenace portion being handled by even balance. I'm sorry again for posting this message over here. I am at loss here, as I do not know how else to pursue this case. There's clearly an error with this ban and I holleheartly believe the system has in this instance failed. I kindly ask you guys again, to please look into this issue.Over 1200 hours of Battlefied 3 is a lot! To ban someone like this is absolutely INSANE! Thank you and I look forward to provide as much info as possible to shed some light for everyone else that has fallen victim. Regards, -Juni0rM1nt
  4. I"m very sorry for posting this long post, but I am at loss at this point. I hope one of you bright people over here can shed some light and help me regain my account. Please read below: 10/10/2014 11:23:20 - "Juni0rM1nt" Note #6: Alex, Can you please explain what the violation is, at least? It will be really hard for me to purchase the game again, as I already spent over $70 for premium and game itself. I do not condone cheaters, nor I have ever supported cheaters. Not that it matters, but I am over 35 y of age and do not have the time nor desire to betray my own self moral values and cheat in video games. That is pathetic. There must be a way to find out what or who caused this? Again, I ask that you please look at the log history and please provide me with an answer. If the system is broken we need to find out how we can fix it. I appreciate your time and effort. Please, put yourself in my own two shoes for just 15 minutes of your time and look into this matter. I strongly disagree with this Ban, and I believe it is a major failure of even balance. Thanks you. 10/09/2014 17:23:53 - "Alex J" Note #5: I'm sorry, but a new GUID is required in order to play on PB enabled servers once again as these bans are not removed. A new Cdkey and account is needed in order to acquire a new GUID. 10/08/2014 16:46:24 - "Juni0rM1nt" Note #4: The system has again failed the consumer. I am disappointed. Alex J. You are absolutely wrong with your answer sir. Look again into the original ban that was caused by an admin @ this server address: http://battlelog.battlefield.com:80/bf3/servers/show/pc/80a51078-0418-4302-8711-f41c09a4920a/WalkInDead/ 10/08/2014 16:34:43 - "Juni0rM1nt" Note #3: To whom it may concern, This is the third time I am inquiring help from your team. My account which is the only single BF3 account I have, has received a Global Ban: "Juni0rM1nt xx.xx.xxx.xxx:xxxx ac8cd78147d2c41a5c62187dfdb206f6 PB Guid Permanent GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN fdb206f6 " I have over 1200 Hrs. logged into my account and have several Battlefield games titles under the same account - including: BF2, BC2, BF4 etc. Please look into this ban as I strongly disagree with the outcome. I believe it has been issued in Error. Further info includes: Before receiving this global ban I was banned from a server admin at this server address: http://battlelog.battlefield.com:80/bf3/servers/show/pc/80a51078-0418-4302-8711-f41c09a4920a/WalkInDead/ Thank you for understanding and I look forward in hearing from you soon. 10/06/2014 19:18:29 - "Alex J" Note #2: The supplied GUID has been associated with hacking or interfering with the normal operation of our PunkBuster software and has therefore been compromised resulting in a global ban from PunkBuster enabled game servers. We have no way of knowing who was actually playing with this GUID at the time the violation was triggered. We also have no way to know if the violation was triggered on your specific computer. Our system does not collect personal information and furthermore we have no way to attach a cheat/hack violation to a specific person. This ban will not be lifted as then the person who did trigger the violation would again be able to join PunkBuster Servers using this GUID. To be clear: we are not saying that you cheated as we have no way to know who triggered the violation. If it is certain that no one playing on your computer ever had a cheat/hack violation triggered by PunkBuster, then your GUID (cdkey and/or game account password) has been stolen by or leaked to someone who has used it on a different computer to trigger the violation. We do not have the means to help you find out who is responsible for compromising your GUID. 10/05/2014 16:42:31 - "Juni0rM1nt" Note #1: Ticket submitted to support staff.

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