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  1. TommyGun

    Changing Can Info

    Thank You!
  2. TommyGun

    Changing Can Info

    In team information area of account management. Need to change Tags and Clan Name
  3. TommyGun

    Changing Can Info

    Hello, I changed my clan name to TommyGun and the website won't let me change all the information. It allowed me to change web address and website email address. Did I miss a button some ware? Thanks GunOil
  4. TommyGun

    PBBans Funding

    Thank You Everyone that stepped up to the plate this month with donations.\ Now, lets keep it going!!! I looked at new previews of COD2 world war 2 and it is no better than cod2. Activision is trying to ruin this game. Made 7 phone calls to their support about connection problems with GUID KEY DUPLICATE with no0 response. Call them to @ 1-310-225-271
  5. TommyGun

    How to get software?

    Pretty shallow answer.
  6. TommyGun

    How to get software?

    Hello, How did you guys obtain thie rights to run PBBans after punkbuster did not support cod2? How could I get the rights to do that if PBBans goes down? Sincerely, L&L8GunOil
  7. TommyGun

    PBBans Funding

    I agree, Charge admins that use it. To many getting by donating nothing!
  8. TommyGun

    PBBans Funding

    I just donated $100... Can you Match L&L*GunOils donation? Let's see who can step up to the plate.
  9. TommyGun

    PBBans Funding

    Come on everyone. don't let this service go down! everyone donate that uses this forum $1 dollor this month. Don't let Activision kill this game. Call of Duty 2 is the Best Online Game ever made, By far. This don't only hurt the online clan's, it hurts the server companies to! We all lose. As an clan admin. I have 1000's of hours in building our website and not to mention the loyal clan members. Sincerely, L&L*GunOil
  10. TommyGun

    GUID Checking

    I was told last night by =EM=Clan that it is a problem with Activision GUID checking server and that they are aware of the problem and working on it.
  11. TommyGun

    GUID Checking

    We have fast redirects for downloading , but this has been just for the past 3 weeks.
  12. TommyGun

    GUID Checking

    Don't understand? We are streaming PBBans. or do you mean Actavision?
  13. TommyGun

    GUID Checking

    forgot to tell you this has been going on for 2 weeks
  14. Hello PBBans, The Cod 2 servers lately are having problems logging into their servers, not only our clan but other clans are complaining to. What is happing is it will take up to 1 to 32 connections or more sometimes to get into the game, then the server disconnects on entry or it hangs and says Awaiting Key Code Authorization. Is this a problem with PBBans? Please advise. Thanks L&L*GunOil

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