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  1. ReXNeB

    Server is not streaming

    Thank you, i wait for the staff. I don't really understand the difference between full an lite streaming, the link you gave me tells to have a website with team members, captains etc. We are just 4 friends playing together and a bit old to care about who is captain. Anyway i rent this server for the BF4 community and hope it will be well protected. Have a nice day.
  2. Good evening, I set up the pbsv.cfg by using the Automated Hub Setup, i have an Account Application that mention the good IP the good Port and the good game (BF4), the result of "pb_sv_uconlist" is : I also configure manually by Procon, and try the "quick fix" in the "troubleshooting" section At this time when is use your "Check Streaming Server" It says that the server was not found. Did i miss something ? Regards

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