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  1. Hey sorry to bother u but i put in to get my Acc reactivated and i still waiting i know that this is hard for you guys to keep up so i appreciated all you guys work thanks



  2. Thanks yes i did it with procon and it work that way thanks one more time ..... i also use to have the tag of streaming admin that way i can check player more deeply is there any way i can get that back ?
  3. ltcbullet


    Hey guys i use to stream my server with you guys .Now i have another BF3 server but i can't get to make my server to stream i have no idea how to ... i use to set it up with the streaming Hub but now is not working and i already make the exceptions for java and still not working ...if anyone can help me on that Thanks
  4. Yes Sorry here it is http://fatalerrorgaming.com/ we move to this new site because is more clean an easy to the players to get around ...is a new site and still need some work thanks
  5. Well yea i when and i got a new server with another company so that wil do it ...another thing is why i'm a light streaming admin i'm old to this i had server with yo guys since BF2 all around but i lost my acc password so i create a newone but i think is deactivate here is the link http://www.pbbans.com/forums/kodsgtbullet-m151956.html i use to have full admin but i guess i lost that so please can i get an upgrade thanks
  6. Ok all is fix server already streaming so please can i get my right back as an streaming admin ...please thanks
  7. Well i just check and it not striming and my power here on the site as a streaming adming are gone i will set the server back on the HUB Toolone more time and see if that fix it
  8. Hello i had this problem before ...my server show as not streamig ......i don't know why is that but is there any way that we can fix this problem or please guide me if is on my end so we can fix it thanks
  9. Thanks guys did't know about that ....lol thanks one more time
  10. Well i when to check if my server was approve an all i see is that server is inactive ..why? .........Thanks
  11. Thanks for the help Taz now just need the approval
  12. Hello i did the self setup for streaming my server but if i try to look for it on my acc i don't see it and i know it when all good on the setup i had done before so if any of the admin please can take a look at it i really appreciate...thank you guys
  13. Thank you sir i already sen out my application
  14. Hello sorry if this not the right section to be posting this but i got my server streaming with you guys and my status still the same and i wanna put up a banner on my website that we are using u guys on our server thanks
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