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  1. XaosBr

    CCleaner Has Malware

    I do not trust anything that comes from Avast.
  2. XaosBr

    Spotting Hackers in FPS games

    Me and my clan have played bf4 since the launch, as already mentioned above the experience is good in cases in which the player tries to disfigure to the maximum, more accusing without concrete evidence it is difficult to apply a fair ban, Ban locally can solve the problem for now.
  3. XaosBr

    Spotting Hackers in FPS games

    The tools are there to help you manage and keep you clean and fair. Answering the question: yes it is possible
  4. XaosBr

    Battlefield 1

  5. XaosBr

    Battlefield 1

    How are the numbers of players online? Many of my friends bought the game at the beginning, but now they have stopped playing, In the loop many clans shut down their BF4 servers, to join the BF1, but now I see that they have linked their servers back to BF4.
  6. XaosBr

    PunkBuster coming to H-Hour: World's Elite

    Punkbuster seems to lose space in the gaming market
  7. XaosBr

    SCS_Sabret has passed away.

    My feelings for the loss :(
  8. XaosBr

    Battlefield 1

    R.I.P Battlefild
  9. XaosBr

    Battlefield 1

    I and my clan we were looking forward to this title more came first the value of the game, then came the beta did not please us, has nothing surpriendente, besides the huge amount of cheaters :( :( :(
  10. XaosBr

    Battlefield 1

    Processor (AMD): AMD FX-6350 I'm phenom II x4 965 playing more than 60 fps in ultra with gtx 980
  11. XaosBr

    Battlefield 1

  12. XaosBr

    Battlefield 1

  13. XaosBr

    PBSS Scanner

    I'm getting this error http://imgur.com/a/qE7iR
  14. XaosBr

    PBSS Scanner

    I'm not sure it is bug, because I can never hit the right configuration to use, someone who uses in pbscreens can help.

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