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  1. Thanks! Donated a little bit as an appreciation to your work.
  2. ah nevermind its active. nobody just reported it for me :D
  3. Hi, can you activate this account im writing. Im setting up again our server to streaming PBBans. I created ticket yesterday for that. Thanks a lot!
  4. Ok its working. Thanks for help @surfy When I will be able to see the other areas of the forum?
  5. Actually I have put all the settings to my files via FTP. restarted the server also. I did it in the beginning of the application process. I guess you would notice if I failed that task? Or not? I copy pasted the config text again and restarted the server.
  6. I wasn't sure which port i should use when i applied. I actually put the other port there like HSMagnet said the port is not always the one you can find from gametracker.com etc. I have Account Type PBBans Full Streaming Team Status Team is Active Streaming Status Team is not streaming This is our server ip that were set in the apply. I think the port should be 7778 here. Thanks and also thanks for very fast process when i applied. -Pete
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