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  1. Thanks dear, taz helped me in Spanish ... I'm actually a little bad for English. Thanks for the support, now the server is very good. :rolleyes:
  2. Thanks, in Spanish for me it is easier to understand everything that is configuration :D , but I do not lose the fight to learn. Thank you very much !! B)
  3. Thank you very much, I did not understand that I had to load manually. Is there anything more updated ?? :huh: Slds.
  4. How can I run the PunkBuster MD5guard? When I try to check the server it says empty. Is there any load of a file to check the integrity of the player ?? example: PB_SV_MD5ToolList DWT CLAN: End of MD5Tool List (0 Entries)
  5. Dear, excellent advice and thank you very much. Now all ok, but the cheater theme has boring me on other servers, as I can access more security for my server. The truth is that I am not very good with English and I am Spanish-speaking, there is someone who can help me, I am willing to give full access to my server while they can help me. Postscript: You have applications for full protection, I really want to postulate to that and start eliminating cheats as soon as possible. ... another thing, (within the created profile) where it says "name" or "team" Mauricio De La Sotta (it's my name) yo
  6. Dear, I need your help, I follow all the steps but I can not get my America's Army Proving Grounds server to use streaming full. Can you help me ?? The ip is: Pb_sv_uconlist DWT Server: [slot] [Type] [Mask] [Name] DWT server: 1 1 pbbhub2-1 DWT Server: 2 1 pbbhub3-1 DWT Server: 3 1 pbbhub3-2 DWT Server: 4 1 pbbhub3-3 DWT Server: End of PB UCON Profile List (4 Entries) Java ok. What I see that what is the game America's Army Proving Grounds is quite outdated in security, is that? Give me a hand ?? Sorry my english is
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