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  1. My $02 is if they have to program a key to reduce recoil, shoot faster by using single/auto/burst, or do double/multiple action keybinds is a cheat. Best thing to do is to call that player out and if they don't remove it...boot em.
  2. No real way to do it like in the old days. Only way to do it is to self manage.
  3. http://teamdfekt.clanservers.com/ It should be up and running now
  4. I'd like to request for full streaming admin. I'm now a streaming lite admin Website : http://teamdfekt.clanservers.com Memberlist : http://teamdfekt.clanservers.com/roster.htm AAPG Server IP :
  5. Got the email so I could go full stream but whenever I click on the link it's a 404 error. I HAVE READ AND AGREE TO TERMS!
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