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  1. Ghostrsniper

    Need help for appeal to Evenbalance

    Idk they only answered my first ticket. second no respond. third still waiting answer. Maybe I forgot add some information or my information insufficient. I already typed on my third ticket like this '' I formatted every disk. Installed new fresh Windows. And I downloaded and installed my games from only Steam and Origin. I only installed AMD RAdeon for my Videocard, Realtek HD for audio and some cpu tempature program (I uninstalled it before start playing.) I didnt download or installed any hack or cheat or other else for any gaming. But I banned for ''GAMEHACK''.'' as information. And I was read them FAQ Its says ''PunkBuster has detected a cheat program running on this computer. Remove the cheat program and try playing again.'' But I havent cheat program or something. What else remove or uninstall program too ? And uploaded some pictures when I joining bf3. All .exe processes on task manager. Unfortunately, I cant upload these images to EvenBalance. Do you have any idea? Like add this information etc.
  2. Ghostrsniper

    Need help for appeal to Evenbalance

    Hey Everyone. Firstly, sorry for my bad English and I hope my topic is on right location. I have been playing BF3 since 2017. In 2018 I became a TNT server admin but 1 years later I banned from bf3 by Evenbalance. I sent them a ticket. But classic Alex J answered my ticket. I uninstalled my bf3 cleaned up my registry with cclenaer and scanned all disk with Malwarebytes but no virus or malware found. I bought new bf3 and created new acoount. I'm not sure but I guess I played 2 or 3 months. After that I banned again by punkbuster. Again I sent them a ticket but no respond. I thought maybe Malwarebytes cant find. Or still something in my registry. One week later I formatted my all disks, installed new fresh windows. I bought bf3 again and created another account but I banned again 3 days ago. Scanned my all disk with malwarebytes again but no result. I checked your ''last bans on bf3'' and most players same ban reason like me) I know you are not Evenbalance but I need help for write something or ask something on ticket etc. if you can do Let me explain my first ban. I was playing on TNT Oman server and I'm bored. Disconneted from server and joined JAH server. (I think only 30 second past) When Joining, game closed and I was banned by PB (Violation (MULTIHACK) #73004) My second ban I joined server. when game loading. closed again and banned (Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game Server for player) And my last ban before 3 days ago. was joining JAH Metro. Again loading screen and again ban. (Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player 'GhosTRCommander' (for 5 minutes) ... Violation (GAMEHACK) #88004) Well I know If I type here ''I didnt downlaod or use any cheat or hack'' 90% doesnt believe me. But mostly I played on TNT servers. TNT servers using 3 different anti-cheat program GGC,ACI and I guess PBBans. and I played on JAH for years.and I think JAH using same anti-cheat programs too. When I playing BF3 only these programs are runnig on the background: Realtek HD Audio Manager, Radeon settings, Malwarebytes and Sometimes Steam and Discord. And I checked processes on Task manager. No unknow .exe working. And I uploaded some pictures here. These after format, installed programs and games. (Games are NOT cracked. And I didnt downlaod any hack or tranier for these games) if I cheating or hacking I would not send them a ticket. I would not call my rights. But there is a unfair ban. As a result I spending my money on this game, without using any hack/cheat or trainer I'm playing my games like other inconnet players. and Evenbalance still unjustly ban me. Just I want to play BF3. and I want relax,chill after stressful day If you want here is my last account. You can see last battereports. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/GhosTRCommander/ I hope you guys can help me. Thanks .

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