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    sof and sof2 same clan 6 yrs

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  1. >WP< KILLER

    Cvar model = 6

    lol it wasnt punisher and all you got to do is type m it will show you a list and then model 6 i think will do it
  2. >WP< KILLER


    i bet it is the other no_fog he got it by lol
  3. >WP< KILLER

    Please Read ADMIN

    my brother's friend's cousin's sister's husband dled a cheat will you remove me please? lmao loser kick your brothers ass if it is true n move on.
  4. >WP< KILLER


    thank you :) also what is a good mod i love it when im brand new lol
  5. >WP< KILLER


    just got this game and we are gonna set up a server i need to know all i can about the pb how it works here etc any helpers?
  6. >WP< KILLER


    so your saying that wasnt you i caught in the wp server? also tbc is ran by us too im sure i can dig it up if u think its an error but i highly doubt it is.
  7. >WP< KILLER

    Help Plz?

    maybe this isnt the place but it is raised here . how do i get that to work i registered our clan but the details r vague at best how to do it. help JOHNNY lol
  8. >WP< KILLER

    Whats up people!!

    ahhh them guys r ok i remember them from the other site lol
  9. >WP< KILLER

    Check this demo for me plz i took it a few min ago.

    how is he still playing with that key he is banned on both sites? he got caught @ the other site under ellus name lmao
  10. >WP< KILLER

    Hi Guys

    i cought him less than 2 yrs ago lol i havent been playin sof2 but about a year or so
  11. >WP< KILLER

    Hi Guys

    yea maroone is a hack maker/user and you shared your key with him i dont know how you got it unbanned but ill get it rebanned. already posted about it at the other site so we will see. you shouldnt share your key lol especially with him lmfao.
  12. >WP< KILLER

    Hi Guys

    no one will change what you said but let me get this right your saying thats not you in that screenie? b.s. and we have no need for your aimbots or hacks send them to eb if you really wanna do the right thing.
  13. >WP< KILLER


    i think thats a good thing :) now there is over 4000 bans there
  14. >WP< KILLER

    Hi Guys

    yea u rember me huh badazz lmao :mad:

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