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  1. -7-Slappy


    Hmmmm, the only thing I can think is to limit the Spam, so they can't repeat it very quickly. I'm not sure if there's a way to keep ALL forms of team binds from being broadcast. And now, somebody else can chime in & prove me wrong! ;)
  2. -7-Slappy


    I've got a Nostromo N52 and honestly - I haven't been able to get the damnable thing to do anything I want! :angry: Let's just hope everybody is as clueless as me, m'kay? ;)
  3. -7-Slappy

    Whats a normal hacking ??

    But alas, now the dirty bastard will move on to defile every other ET server on the face of the planet. Only YOU can prevent forest fire h4x Boo-boo! :P (That means get streaming to PBbans, asap.)
  4. -7-Slappy

    Damn you pbsv.cfg!

    Yeah, I'm thinking it's more "User Error" here, and the fine folks at EvenBalance have better things to do than lead me around by the short hairs, right? :huh:
  5. -7-Slappy

    Damn you pbsv.cfg!

    Okay, I posted on this a lonnnnng time ago, about getting the pbsv.dat and pbsv.cfg to not overwrite log files. Thought I had it all happy, but I've noticed recently when I import the logs via AliasFinder MS, there are a crapload of logs being duped. This is what I currently have set: pbsv.cfg: pb_sv_LogSync 0 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)] pb_sv_LogCeiling 10000000 //[High log filename serial #] pbsv.dat: pb_sv_ssnext 757 pb_sv_lognext 1051 (With the extra characters at the end there) Now, my log files currently go up to 00001315, but the 00001050 is the most recent one. So I know for a fact it's overwriting the next consecutive log etc etc etc. So, wtf? :angry: :banghead:
  6. -7-Slappy

    new tool: pbsetup

    I take that to mean, we can freely post this information verbatim, along with the links to the Utility, correct? I'd like to share it with my teammates if possible.
  7. -7-Slappy

    new tool: pbsetup

    Nice! Can't wait to try it out~ :D
  8. -7-Slappy

    PBBans Site / Forums / Bans

    All of your work is much appreciated Bob! Anybody who has been a dedicated server admin realizes how quickly something like even managing a single server can become overwhelming pretty quickly. Doing something like you have here is just staggering for me to even think about trying. You da man. B)
  9. -7-Slappy

    PBBans Servers

    Okay, I'll push our server then! :D et.teamseven.net Running ET Pro (Alternates between 3.19 and 3.20 depending on what mmod we happen to be in.) Usually in a Stopwatch Rotation of several maps, although there are a few custom campaigns as well. Ahhh, what else ya need to know?
  10. -7-Slappy

    PBBans Servers

    Well, I doubt you'll find any servers not affected by cheaters at all. There are just too many ways around PB unfortunately. :angry: I like the idea of a PBBans friendly server list though. The master Streaming Index shows all the servers, but I don't think it seperates the game types right?
  11. -7-Slappy

    [FAQ] How to get your GUID

    Well. I don't, but have known people who just do it religiously every time they start since it seems to happen that often. Maybe I'm just lucky. :D
  12. -7-Slappy

    [FAQ] How to get your GUID

    Yeah, but the really cool thing about ET is, get ready, you have to obtain a new GUID every so often! Ain't it great! :wacko:
  13. -7-Slappy

    PB Hack & Video Driver Hack

    Streaming is simple and (mostly) painless! Well worth it, and it's kinda cool to see your clan's tag next to a cheater's nick when the streaming shows it before even you know about it! :D Just a shameless plug, these guys do great work. B)
  14. -7-Slappy

    New Server Admin Tool

    sssssssuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkeeeeeeerrrrrrsssssss!!!!!!! :lol:
  15. -7-Slappy


    There's at least one app that does what you're asking also. Out of courtesy to the site admins here, I won't post a link unless they say it's okay with them. However, unless you're a server admin with access to the log files, it won't do you any good either.

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