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  1. Johnny|sF

    Any body heard of this?

    well... that means that we can expect an update from pb as well :)
  2. Johnny|sF

    ClanBase Script Pack support

    I got no path selected/entered so its going to the default /server/.sof2/pb/svss
  3. Johnny|sF

    ClanBase Script Pack support

    in the script the cvar "pb_sv_sspath" is set to "" meaning that the pbss will keep going where you have set them to go before you ran the script.
  4. Johnny|sF

    ClanBase Script Pack support

    check "pb_sv_sspath" dont know if you mean logs or pbss. as far as I know you can only stream logs to pbbans.com of which you keep the originals on your own server. the streaming logs part you gotto talk to rodeobob about, I got nothing to do with the streaming of logs and all except that I set the cb&pbbans scripts to stream the logs to pbbans.com
  5. Johnny|sF

    Age Old ?

    I play fine with 80 fps.
  6. Johnny|sF

    Age Old ?

    highest quality... LOL! I can tell by the detailed ground and the size of the screenshot. Is that lag right there? Hmmm, he seems to fly in a wall... the groundline looks straight 2 right... :P nah, that aint highest graphics.
  7. Johnny|sF

    Age Old ?

    hehe, I know he said that he turned the vert. sync to 0 but I just said it again since vert. sync is the only setting that limits your fps to a certain fps.
  8. Johnny|sF

    Help Plz?

    I dont like to pay for services which should be for free.
  9. Johnny|sF

    Age Old ?

    vertical sync mate :) turn it off...
  10. Johnny|sF

    Help Plz?

    you can do the namelock without registration with pb :)
  11. Johnny|sF

    Little question

    good, because I downloaded some pictures from kazaa and I dont know for sure if they are real.
  12. Johnny|sF

    How many screen shots?

    it sux. I have ACDsee and microsoft office picture manager... they are the best. Much more features in them... specially ACDSee
  13. Johnny|sF

    Help Plz?

    But best thing is to register as server admin here so we can provide you with more tools, info, support and sources
  14. Johnny|sF

    Help Plz?

    I show you something cooler mate: //Protect nicknames - PB_SV_NameLock [GUID or partial match] [Name to Lock] PB_SV_NameLock 5fd90448c5dsdfe7e726714341cf4179 Johnny-Mnemonic|sF PB_SV_NameLock 5fd90448c5dsdfe7e726714341cf4179 Johnny|sF PB_SV_NameLock 5fd90448c5dsdfe7e726714341cf4179 Johnny_Q|sF PB_SV_NameLock 5fd90448c5dsdfe7e726714341cf4179 Johnny_Q PB_SV_NameLock 5fd90448c5dsdfe7e726714341cf4179 Johnny-Mnemonic
  15. Johnny|sF

    server help?

    please fill in all information needed and/or make sure you meet all requirements to be a registered server admin. when you do that you will notice a whole new sof2 forum section for you with all the info and tools you need to get the best out of your pb enabled server.

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