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  1. KoAmDo{EFK}

    pro-pb people

    When else in life does this occur? Just because you are nice to someone doesnt mean they are all of sudden going to start having high morals. Please dont rob that bank. Please dont cheat on your taxes. (yes, I know...I once again used an analgy that is more serious than cheating in a game :roll: ) Sorry, but I dont care what a hacker/cheater motives are or who they are. Its not ignorance...I just dont care. It doesnt matter to me. I dont want to psychoanalyze them - I want them expelled from the gaming world. BTW people who switch from being hackers to anti-hackers normally only do so after being caught or after they grow up. If I have mistaken your point then I am sorry. But to me it seems it reads like you want us to have sympathy for the people who are trying to ruin something that doesnt belong to them...our fun. Just because you have the ability to program hacks doesnt mean you should. I find that concept quite simple....

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