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  1. znabela

    ATI Radeon 9800 Pro "wallhack"

    he means 16bit color depth in textures ... thats a known "bug" on Radeon cards.
  2. znabela

    Dayum guys you've been busy :)

    Yikes, cant edit my post, but anyways ... forgot to answer your final question: No it would not cause a problem for SOF2 to read the configs
  3. znabela

    Dayum guys you've been busy :)

    Probably because it uses LINUX cr/lf. Open the file with WordPAD and it should be fine. Notepad doesnt have the ability to distinguish those linebreaks... however a tool called "TextPAD" (no its not freeware, but trialware) can. http://www.textpad.com/
  4. Oi guys ... I havent been admin for a server for almost a year now, so how can I stream anything ... When I said you could close the thread, cause my question was replied, I didnt mean to stir up another conversation (which is without relevance to the starting comment of this thread!)
  5. znabela

    Awesome work ...

    And I dont have any negative feedback on the site, but if you are ever to consider a cheaper solution than JPilot's jIRC chat applet, consider this one: http://www.pjirc.com Its open source, distributed under the GPL, and has a plugin extension to be used when integrating it into phpBB. Liste of features: - Highlight support - ASL handling - Graphical bitmap used for smiley?s - Nickname auto completion - Nick, channel and URL catcher - Sound support - Multilingual support - Esthetical options such as background image, per-channel color configuration, and so on? - UTF-8 encoding support - Support for external control via javascript - ?On connect? command list - Time stamping - Fast, light and reliable - Free and open source Hope you find the information useful, and keep up the good work, you know who you are!
  6. Im not going to start this topic up again, so close the thread after this message please :) I know were all fighting for a common cause, and I appreciate the replys I have been getting in here. Most of you spent quite some time, making a reply to my post, and the time you spent was not a loss! Not to me, and hopefully not to you. I understand now why you have the rules, at which you now obide, and hence the reason for my "temp-removal". And never forget, the work you are putting into the site, is appreciated by many! It may sometimes not seem so, but you all know its easier to bitch as something than it is to give credit... and you deserve some credit! Good job on "protecting" the MPI, and keep it up!
  7. Scarface: never mentioned Dep, but I've spoken to him about this, and I just feel that this was something I had to say... Yes I was a bit offended by the question, which is also the reason behind this post, but after talking to Dep about this, it is no longer an issue. But consider this post, a statement from me... now you know where I stand. Hopefully this will avoid future confusion. And no matter who you are, if you are fighting cheaters, you are doing a worthy job ... keep up the good work.
  8. I feel like im being treated as a bad guy, just because I am a sof2 player, and a regular user of IRC. I try to support the anti-cheating community, and I was a server-admin of one of the most popular demolition clan servers out there. Along with The-Daddy, we ran the highly acclaimed Destruction Jockeys clan-server, that were a public gameserver to all, except cheaters of course. Every day we spent 1-2 hours of browsing through approx 2000 PB screenshots, manually, catching cheaters, helping the community get rid of cheaters. Then we started looking at www.the other site.com ... signing up ... helping even more people by submitting our cheaters to the Master Ban List. We did something good for the community, and the community did something good, by adding the cheaters they caught to our server ban list. Then suddenly something went wrong ... someone didn't like the way the mybumleaks was maintained, or maybe they just had different ideas and oppinions, and shortly thereafter, PBBans.com was born. But DJ's got tired of the amount of cheating out there ... every day at least one more cheater was caught ... the time spent on enjoying ourselves and having fun playing on the server, was getting shorter and shorter, until one tragic day, we decided to quit it. DJ was no more... But cheating would continue ... one less server to cheat on, but why was that going to stop the cheaters? So I decided to stick around, help support the cheating community, give my feedback when I could, cause maybe some day, I would return to the gaming zone. Maybe not as a player, but as an admin, working for a gaming community, fighting cheaters... who knows? But now I feel like I am being harassed by the anti-cheat community ... "Who are you?" "Why are you here?" "Why are you op on the other anti-cheating community channel?" ... WHY do you care? Aren't we here to achieve a common goal? Aren't we supposed to be helping each other? Apparently not... apparently if you are fighting alongside one community, the other community thinks less of you. If I am being a bad guy to one anti-cheat community, by supporting another anti-cheat community, something is seriously wrong ... and I is time to sit down, think about why we are here, and if you think you are here to advise people not to support another anti-cheating community, you should seriously start concentrating on other things in life. I am not a bad guy by supporting 2 anti-cheating communities ... stop thinking of me as one! Stop having doubts as why I am supporting the other site ... I am here for the same reason you should be here ... fighting cheaters, not fighting each other! I dont like my motives being questioned, just because I support both sites! For your enjoyment, the DJ Cheaters site is back up for an unknown period of time ... http://sof2.znabela.com PS: I don't know why phpBB adds to single quotes, but when using SQL, to add something to a database, double "single-quotes" are used

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