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Just wondering..


We have 2 pc's setup in our home...


Totally different cd keys..


His and hers..


We have a son who bounces between the 2..


I enter a server on my pc, and tried to put him in the same server with me on the other pc..


He was kicked, and permanently banned by pb....


When a member of my clan questioned the admins, they said it was due to a duplicate guid.. Someone named Nice Shot, and my son had the same guid..


Is this a permanent bannable offense via pb?

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That is what I thought..


When we asked they said they checked the server logs, and that was the reason for the kick/ban, and it was permanent...


My son was really upset, and he is just a kid..


Any suggestions?

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Duplicate CD key isn't a permanent ban. But the fact that he was kicked for duplicate would indicate that his key was being used by someone else at the same time. And of course if his key has become leaked, and someone else has it, then it's probably just a matter of time before someone cheats with it and it becomes banned.


We really need more information, such as what server this occured on, and the GUID of the key in question to see if it has been banned.


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Sure, but I would rather not give this info in public..


Can ya direct me to where I can send this info only pb adms can view?


But as of now he is permanently banned.... :(

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