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Vista vs XP

G.I. Joe

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After the new server was up and running I notice a problem. I am wondering if it is something I did wrong? Or is it because of the operating system?


I have the server streaming. Or so the Java says..

I have two seperate computers at my desk. I use an XP SP2 system for my rCon tool, Team Speak, and a few other tasks.

I use a new Vista Ultimate to play the game.


Before this DDOS attack on PBBans, I could log in on either machine, and go to the AccCP tab and add greetings for our clan members, and a few other tasks. I would log in the forums then just click the AccCP tab with no problem. I could do this from either computer.


Now, I can log into the forums with either computer, however the vista machine will NOT access the AccCP tab. I just get another log in screen. My XP machine still has access to both areas with no problem. Thus, my question... is there a difference, if so what?


I would love to resolve this issue.


Thanks for any help or hints anyone could offer.


G.I. Joe

{BsO} Bolt Snipers Only.

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Been there, done that. Clearing all the cache, passwords, temp files etc etc was my first idea too. Thanks for the reply, I wish it would have worked.

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Thats the rub, I want to stay with Vista IE8. It worked just fine untill the move. It rubs me the wrong way that it would just stop behaving now. Not to mention that I have read that Chrome is the biggest security hole out there, but I digress. I really don't want to discuss operating systems. I just want to get back to the way it was.


Thanks again for your input.

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Actually I just wanted you to try if it worked in another browser... To help triangulate the problem to IE8('s files/remains/bread crumbs) perhaps. :/

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