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SOF2 Parser


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Hey y'all. I just created an SOF2 parser. This program will allow you to browse to a games.log file created from SOF2. Then you can process the file and display on the connections/name connected or the chat/says in the logfile. Kinda like quakechat but a little bit different imo. I was able to strip all color codes out not just the 0-9 codes. Also displayed connection ip/guid info.




You can download it from there until it gets put up at sof2files.com


Comments/suggestions welcome.



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Its not bad, just need some work on speed and the formatting of the result. Plus, the "loading" bar with estimated time remaining would be nice too. :D


Great work! Keep it up.

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I think I'm going to make one program to do that to a bunch of different game logs, like cod and whatnot.


Also will work on loading bar, and will also work on the actual parse code, parsing is pretty resource intensive. If I didn't strip the colors, it'd be a lot easier. I had to use every letter in the alphabet - twice (lower case and capitals) also had to use every number and special characters (like !, @, #, }) and each one of those is a 'check' and that pretty much makes it so it takes so long lol



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One suggestion...


Don't try to view alphabet, numbers, and special characters as characters. Try to view them as ASCII numbers. For example...


All upper-case alphabet are ASCII numbers from 65 to 90. Lower-cases are from 97 to 122. Numbers are from 48 to 57. Speical characters are various, but you can try to group them into ranges.


So if you write it in the C programming language, it might look like this...


if((ch >= 48 && ch <= 57) || (ch >= 65 && ch <= 90) || (ch >= 97 && ch <= 122) || .... )

Something like that. It can really cut down the time because of less operations the program have to do.


Just an idea. Don't know your source code, but just want to make sure you know about this. :D

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