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bandwidth for running a COD4 dedicated server

Coach Z

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Hello I am looking into purchasing a dedicated server to host COD servers off of. I have a few questions concerning it though. I know what type of system i need but i need a little help with bandwidth usage and port uplink speed. I would like to host about 10 COD4 32 slot servers. Could i get an estimate on bandwidth for say there was an average of 20 players in each of those 10 server. And how many servers can a dedicated server with a 10MB up-link hold. And help would be appreciated.


Thanks for your time,


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I have asked our main Server Admin this question.


But we have ran 5 COD4, 3 COD5, 2 TF2, 3 CSS on our box at one time, normally only 60 % on these had more than 10 players on at anyone time. we had no issues. Our connection was only 10mb uplink max peek. As for bandwidth usage I will have the asnwer hopefully later today.

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from experience its about 25kbps per person but got other factors to take in to account which work out to be 600GB per month per 10 players if it full with 10 players 24 /7 which is very unlikely i have never been able to get a code 4 server to stay alive for that long

so for 20 players over 10 server for a month would be would be 35TB for the month but in reality server will be luck to be alive for 12 hours per day so it only 17.5TB per month and for the 20 player over 10 server would need a min of 4.5Mbps so 10 mbps should do the trick


with a 10mbps link would give you 25TB of bandwidth per month weather or not you hosting company will allow you to do that

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