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I banned a player for cussing in cod4 and he came back in


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Last nite I banned a player in call of duty 4 for cussing. Then a the same guide number came back


in the server owning. I tried banning him, and it kept telling me ip already banned but the guy


was playing with the same guide number under a different name. Our server is streaming it seems


the hacking it way out there even for punk buster. Server IP: Port 28960 Area51 Call


of Duty.

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How did you try to ban him ?


I advise you to use the tools offered by PB instead of the ones from the game itself, they are far more reliable.

Use pb_sv_ban and pb_sv_banguid to ban people from your server, based on the GUID.


The IP ban command is pb_sv_banmask.

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