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[Webtool] Message-Spam


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I don't know if this is the right place where I should post my problem, so please move the thread to another location if needed.


I set up my stream for my Battlefield 2 server using the webtool...


And yes, it worked, but there is one annoying bug.


Everytime the Applet receives a character from the rcon a JOptionPane.showMessageDialog call is issued.


Example: I log into the rcon using my pass.


The returned String is something like this: Successfully authenticated. Rcon ready.


In this case 39 MessageDialogs are launched.(Message with 'S' pops up --> OK --> Message with 'u' pops up --> OK --> Next message)

The setup launches even more empty MessageDialogs.


I'm sure someone reported this bevore, but these messagecalls are really annoying.




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